Sunday, September 23, 2007

New ABC MD Mark Scott denies he is God’s secret agent

God’s secret agent heads the ABC

Wednesday July 26th 2006

Managing Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Mark Scott, denies that he is “God’s secret agent” as claimed by a Baptist pastor in Marion Maddox’s book, God Under Howard.

He is a proud Christian, and once nearly became a state Liberal Party politician, but was put off by factional dealing.

His very innocuous first media interviews contain only these slightly sinister words:

“That is, are the issues that are covered on ABC news and current affairs … important issues to the Australian people, or are they the important issues to the newsroom?” Mr Scott asked.

Published on the very day of ABC TV’s damaging expose of the NSW Liberal Party’s takeover by extremist right wing Christian groups, it’s worth filing those faintly threatening words away for future reference.


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