Friday, November 24, 2006

Another moderate leader mauled by the Liberal ultra right wing 'Taliban' faction in N.S.W

Dropped Liberal pans right-wing 'cancer'

November 22, 2006

The outgoing deputy Liberal leader in the upper house, John Ryan, has condemned sections of the party's right wing at his final partyroom meeting after failing to win preselection, telling colleagues there was a "cancer" eating away in the party.

Mr Ryan also took a pot shot at two right-wing MPs, David Clarke and Charlie Lynn, claiming they had worked against him before his preselection loss at the weekend.Mr Ryan, who could not even win the No. 9 spot on the Coalition's upper house ticket, is faced with the fact that the little-known Mr Lynn, who is not even a frontbencher, was preselected at No. 1 on the ticket.According to partyroom sources, Mr Ryan said he was aware that people were "sharpening the knives" for him in Parliament in the past few weeks."

He talked about the cancer we have to cut out," one party source said."He said people behind locked doors were taking him down … and we should be focused on winning the next election and getting behind Peter [Opposition Leader Peter Debnam]."Earlier in the partyroom meeting, Mr Debnam and the Deputy Opposition Leader, Barry O'Farrell, paid tribute to Mr Ryan, who was Mr Debnam's preferred candidate.



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