Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why is the PM meeting with people that are under investigation by the AFP?

As this is not the first time the PM has met with this group, then perhaps the AFP should be investigating the PM !

JOHN Howard has held a private meeting with the most senior leaders of the Exclusive Brethren, including a man under investigation by police over his massive spending on the Prime Minister’s 2004 election campaign.
In his parliamentary office two weeks ago, Mr Howard met Sydney pump salesman Mark Mackenzie, whose former company, Willmac, funnelled $370,000 into pro-Howard advertising at the last election.

Willmac’s spending was later investigated by the Australian Electoral Commission’s disclosure arm, and then referred to the Australian Federal Police for a criminal investigation, which is continuing.

They say all they wanted to do was let the PM know they are praying for him and have a bit of a chat about the economy. I can just imagine!

There was also a list of things they didn’t talk about:

A Brethren spokesman said that whilst the meeting had taken place he denied that they had asked for Mr Howard’s help on the police investigation or offered him support for his campaign against Maxine McKew in Bennelong.

..."There was absolutely no dialogue concerning Willmac, just as there was no discussion about … Bennelong,” he said.

“The members of the church primarily assured Prime Minister Howard that they were praying for him, as the leader of the Government, and then went on to discuss the economy. This was a last-minute opportunity that presented itself. There was no agenda or pre-arranged discussion topics, simply an opportunity to greet Prime Minister Howard. These mysterious campaign plans being suggested are wild speculation and the reality is they aren’t there.”

I’m sure we all get these last-minute opportunities presenting themselves during an election campaign to just drop in and let the PM know we are praying for him and not discuss anything else. Try doing it yourself and see just how far you get!

NOTE: Exclusive Breatheren Cult members say ther shun contact with the world. Not just with technology, books, radio and TV, but also other people. They say they do not vote, because voting interferes with God's right to ordain who rules, however they seemingly are not above getting involved in influencing others votes and have started putting a lot of money and time into political campaigns on behalf of members of the extreame right wing of the Liberal Party.


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